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About Jennifer


I was born and raised in Washtenaw County. From an early age, I learned from my family the importance of civic engagement. My parents volunteered their services to countless organizations, even founding a school in the 1960s that is still flourishing to this day. Not only did I graduate from Greenhills School, two of my three children did as well.

I attended my father, and grandfather’s alma mater, the University of Michigan, and then my mother’s alma mater, Northwestern University, for my graduate degree in journalism. While at U-M, I met my husband, Daniel Rivkin. Together, during our 32-years of marriage, we have raised three terrific children – Harriet, Florence, and Charles – lived abroad for two decades and, as fellow journalists, covered countless news stories.

A dozen years ago, Daniel and I made the important decision to return to the place we met, Ann Arbor, to be closer to family, including my aging parents. Since then, we have lived in a multigenerational home that continues to this day. Though my father died in October 2019, and our children are now grown and launched, my 88-year-old mother still lives with us, along with my older brother, and our two dogs Shea and Panko.

I know real-life issues. I have watched my children struggle to pay off their student loans, seen my mother worry about the rising cost of her prescription drugs and, as an independent contractor for nearly all of my career, personally known the challenges of running a small business.


I love walking my dogs by the Huron River and in Hudson Mills and attending farmer’s markets throughout the district as an avid cook. Hope to see you out and about in the community during my campaign. 


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