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Public Health

Reproductive Rights Sponsored House Bill 5211, which became Public Act 28 of 2024, and gives legal protection in the Michigan Family Protection Act to children born through assisted reproduction or surrogacy.

Consumer Protection/Drug Immunity Voted YES on legislation that gives Michigan citizens recourse if their medicine causes undue injury.


Protecting Our Water Jennifer is working on legislation to address PFAS contamination by holding polluters accountable for funding cleanup operations needed to protect our lakes, rivers, and drinking water.


Lowering Costs for Working Families Jennifer quintupled the Working Families Tax Credit, increasing refunds for low-income families and helping citizens pay debt and afford basic needs, reducing poverty in Michigan. 

Restoring Worker's Rights Voted YES on a bill package to restore worker’s rights in Michigan by repealing the so-called “right to work” law and reinstating prevailing wage laws, ensuring fair pay for similar work in related fields.

Repealing Retirement Tax Jennifer’s vote helped repeal the retirement tax on pensions, restoring hard earned dollars in the wallets of Michigan’s senior citizens.


Universal Free School Meals for Public School Students Supported legislation to save Michigan families roughly $850 a year by funding The Michigan School Meals Program to ensure every K-12 student has access to a free breakfast and lunch at their public school.

Michigan Reconnect The MI Reconnect program helps pay tuition or training for eligible adults who want to pursue an associate or technical degree.


Freedom River A full service outdoor recreation center in Brighton, Michigan, helping with the re-assimilation of U.S. military members, veterans, and their families. 

Addressing Veteran Housing There are almost 2,500 homeless veterans in Michigan. We increased funding for housing and simplified the property tax credit for disabled veterans and military families.

Michigan National Guard Tuition Assistance Program Last year, Jennifer introduced a bill that is now law, allowing National Guard family members to access tuition assistance. She also increased funding for the Michigan National Guard Tuition Assistance Program.

Securing Military Families' Voting Rights Jennifer passed a bill allowing overseas military spouses and dependents to file their ballots electronically.

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